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For women to have real impact in their job, in business and in life, it’s not enough to use only left brained techniques. Women need Yin-Power too. Yin-Power is feminine leadership. A perfect balance between two forces that helps them gain results without sacrificing themselves. A new model of leadership that allows them to be in their full power while not falling into the trap of burnout, frustration and exhaustion.

I developed a method to help smart and ambitious women to (re)discover and develop their yin-side, their feminine leadership, so they can thrive, feel great and make an impact.

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Discussing Yin-Power implies that there is Yang-Power too.
Nothing exists without a counterpart. You would never be conscious of day time without night time. Or chilliness if it wasn’t occasionally warmer. The powers of yin and yang together make up your energy, your life energy. It gives you life, it enables you to exercise, work, recover, focus and decide. It is the power behind creativity, productivity, performance and much more.

Yang-Power is described as male energy.
It provides you with the power to take action, to push forward, to work hard and for many hours, to think rationally and intellectually. Concepts such as striving, reaching the top, performance, haste, competition, (over)winning and dominance fit in with this.

Yin-Power is described as female energy.
It gives you the power to receive, to feel and to live and work more intuitively, to be authentic and to stand for who you really are. Concepts such as being vulnerable, resting, respect, patience, listening, flexibility, caring for, nurturing, networking, working from inside> outside, working together and sharing fit in with this.

The powers of Yin and Yang are opposed to each other and at the same time complement each other. One can absolutely not exist without the other! And neither of them is superior to the other. They are both essential. A harmonious interaction between the movements would be ideal, that would create balance.

“Cultivating a creative dialogue between male and female will be a profound enrichment of our ‘cultural mindset'” – from The Power of Yin: Celebrating Female Consciousness

Our world is out of balance.
For centuries the yang, masculine principles have been stronger than the yin, female influences. That results in an imbalance from which everyone suffers but women in particular because they are more yin in nature then men. We are encouraged to develop linear and analytical patterns of thought from the very beginning at the expense of the creative and intuitive yin patterns. But in this complex world it is no longer sufficient to find solutions with only the ‘left-side-brain-thinking’. That exhausts us and is also ineffective. We need more balance and that means more yin influences.

Women are in nature much more yin then men. And while more and more women are inspired to make a difference in the world, they don’t have a lot of role models to do it in a sustainable way. Ambitious women often behave like men when it comes to leadership. Understandable because the image we have of ‘power’ is very one-sided and very much distracted from the masculine power: working hard, being a high achiever, only going for top results and winning. And in the meantime they are keeping all the balls in the air concerning family, love life, social life, sports and housekeeping. They do achieve their goals and have success but they can feel empty inside, unsatisfied … and in addition to that burnout, frustration and exhaustion are lurking.

Do you want to be successful?
Do you want to be in your full power and in flow with your natural rhythm?

Then the masculine model of strength does not work for you. To stay empowered and energized women need to adopt a new model of leadership and the key to this is balance. Feminine leaders are not overly yin (feminine) or overly yang (masculine) but there has to be balance between those two forces to gain results without sacrificing themselves. In a yang-power dominated world this means that women have to take manners into their own hands and start developing and strengthening their Yin-Power.

Is Yin-Power just for women?
No. Yin energy is present in everything, including in men. They play an important role in the transformation of our overly yang society into a more balanced, more inclusive world. The purpose of this platform is to create balance. Balance in men and women, between men and women and between yin and yang.

For women, it’s a place to build inner strength and to understand the essence of yin energy. It provides the tools to develop and strengthen this energy. For men, it’s a place to get to know and appreciate the female principles better, in women but also in themselves.

You are welcome on this platform to gather information or to dive into the process of self-transformation. Maybe you just want to read or listen, or maybe you really want to experience Yin-Power. Anyway, you will find that life will be so much more enjoyable when the energy of yin is amplifying in you!

With love and energy,

Jeanine Hofs

Jeanine Hofs
Founder of the Yin-Power platform